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Courier Force makes the most stress free and simple parcel deliveries to USA.
The federal Republic of USA comprising of 50 states and a federal district ranks third in the world for its population. It mainly has immigrants from all over the world.
We offer courier services for all major regions in USA including the following cities and more:

  •  New York
  •  Los Angeles
  •  Chicago
  •  San Francisco
  •  Boston

Special Delivery options for Students and Applicants

USA is a major attraction for Students who mostly visit the Country for good quality education.
So here comes Courier Force to provide you with best services to help you fulfil your dream of higher education.
Organizing application forms for university, bonafides, certificates, letters of recommendation, Bank drafts. All that is already too tiring and after doing all that it is important to make sure that these documents safely reach your preferred university at the correct time. Courier Force gives you this peace of mind and assures that your efforts will not go in vain and your documents will be delivered on time.

Best Courier Service From India To USA

Special Courier delivery to USA options for Tourists

Now you can shop as much as you want without worrying for the extra cost that you will have to pay to the airlines for the excess baggage. You can simply send your newly purchased shopping material through courier and enjoy a light trip back home.
Best quality, cheapest International shipping to USA

Courier force gives you the most affordable courier to USA.
Our prices start from only Rs 500 per kg from Mumbai to anywhere in USA with an exclusive and completely free door to door service. In this service, the parcel will be collected from your location in India and delivered to the destined location in USA at the time when you want it to be delivered.
We also provide you with a free online tracking no.
Quotation for your shipment to USA can be obtained by simply mentioning the weight and dimension of the parcel.
We have a committed, efficient and dedicated team to answer all your queries.

Contact us now to get a quote for your package to USA.


Shipping to St Maarten needn’t be outlandish or seriously composed – and Courier Force is close by to ensure arranging transportation is as direct as could be permitted. If you have to send a package to St Maarten from INDIA, you’ll find a refund elective that suits you at Courier Force. We take exceptional pride in giving our customers shoddy costs, quality and worth – which is the reason such a substantial number of people return to us at whatever point they have to send bundles to another country or private beneficiaries.
At Courier Force, we grasp that our customers are scanning for genuine peacefulness when they send bundles to another country. This is the reason we confirm we simply work with dependable overall bundle conveyance firms – including heading names, for instance DHL, TNT and Fedex. You can thusly have certainty that when you sort out shipment to St Maarten through us, your bundle will arrive quickly and in extraordinary condition. We make it our mission to give a wide choice of humble parcel delivery to St Maarten and likewise unimaginable customer organization, and that is the reason we’ve earned the dedication of such an extensive number of people as the years progressed.
Moreover, arranging bundle conveyance through Courier Force is smart and straightforward. We understand that balancing stacks of postage structures could be a bit of an undertaking, which is the reason we make it direct for our customers to complete the obliged structures on the web. At the point when your bundle has been assembled and despatched, you can use package following no. to follow your parcel to St Maarten online
Find more about Courier Force delivery to St Maarten by filtering through the different choices on offer.

courier to usa from india cost

Courier to USA From Mumbai – Courier Charges from Mumbai to USA

-Door to Door- 

Prices below are door to door courier rates to USA from Mumbai. These charges are cheapest in India for sending courier to USA from India. This is by a courier company which is the best in industry for parcel services to USA . Again, Courier Force is one of the very few companies who have their own network for distributing parcel in USA .  It will take anywhere between 6 and 8 working days to deliver your parcel to USA from India. We will be simply collecting the parcel from your business or residence in India and delivering it to your destination address in USA .

0.5 Kg INR 1,433 INR 3,007 INR 2,297 INR 6,999 INR 4,970
1 Kg INR 1,659 INR 3,562 INR 2,649 INR 8,009 INR 5,745
2 Kg INR 2,233 INR 4,426 INR 3,354 INR 10,082 INR 7,295
3 Kg INR 3,023 INR 4,194 INR 5,015 INR 12,102 INR 8,802
4 Kg INR 4,021 INR 4,800 INR 5,803 INR 14,045 INR 10,264
5 Kg INR 5,020 INR 5,406 INR 6,573 INR 15,987 INR 11,727
6 Kg INR 5,152 INR 5,904 INR 7,329 INR 17,910 INR 13,191
7 Kg INR 5,282 INR 6,400 INR 8,090 INR 19,714 INR 14,653
8 Kg INR 5,613 INR 7,096 INR 9,049 INR 21,836 INR 16,117
9 Kg INR 5,745 INR 7,592 INR 9,803 INR 23,762 INR 17,580
10 Kg INR 5,875 INR 8,088 INR 10,567 INR 25,689 INR 19,042
11 Kg INR 6,331 INR 9,357 INR 10,123 INR 27,599 INR 20,506
12 Kg INR 6,788 INR 9,994 INR 10,790 INR 29,448 INR 21,970
13 Kg INR 7,243 INR 10,631 INR 11,444 INR 31,292 INR 23,431
14 Kg INR 7,698 INR 11,267 INR 12,063 INR 33,145 INR 24,895
15 Kg INR 8,155 INR 11,904 INR 12,696 INR 34,986 INR 26,359
16 Kg INR 8,611 INR 12,541 INR 13,234 INR 36,689 INR 27,821
17 Kg INR 9,068 INR 13,178 INR 13,785 INR 38,383 INR 29,284
18 Kg INR 9,523 INR 13,814 INR 14,359 INR 40,036 INR 30,748
19 Kg INR 9,978 INR 14,451 INR 14,961 INR 41,633 INR 32,210
20 Kg INR 10,436 INR 15,086 INR 15,553 INR 43,229 INR 33,674
21 Kg INR 10,920 INR 15,966 INR 18,699 INR 43,433 INR 35,109
22 Kg INR 11,407 INR 16,671 INR 19,353 INR 45,477 INR 36,514
23 Kg INR 11,893 INR 17,380 INR 19,988 INR 47,522 INR 37,922
24 Kg INR 12,378 INR 18,086 INR 20,513 INR 49,566 INR 39,327
25 Kg INR 12,864 INR 18,792 INR 21,051 INR 51,610 INR 40,734
26 Kg INR 13,849 INR 20,000 INR 22,200 INR 54,155 INR 42,139
27 Kg INR 14,335 INR 20,706 INR 23,015 INR 56,199 INR 43,546
28 Kg INR 14,822 INR 21,412 INR 23,830 INR 58,244 INR 44,952
29 Kg INR 15,307 INR 22,120 INR 24,643 INR 60,288 INR 46,359
30 Kg INR 15,793 INR 22,826 INR 25,458 INR 62,332 INR 47,764
31 Kg INR 16,081 INR 23,532 INR 26,274 INR 34,626 INR 49,171
32 Kg INR 16,568 INR 24,240 INR 27,089 INR 35,711 INR 50,576
33 Kg INR 17,054 INR 24,946 INR 27,905 INR 36,795 INR 51,983
34 Kg INR 17,541 INR 25,652 INR 28,720 INR 37,880 INR 53,389
35 Kg INR 18,027 INR 26,360 INR 29,535 INR 38,965 INR 54,796
36 Kg INR 18,514 INR 27,066 INR 30,351 INR 40,049 INR 56,201
37 Kg INR 19,000 INR 27,772 INR 31,166 INR 41,134 INR 57,608
38 Kg INR 19,487 INR 28,480 INR 31,981 INR 42,219 INR 59,013
39 Kg INR 19,973 INR 29,186 INR 32,797 INR 43,303 INR 60,419
40 Kg INR 20,460 INR 29,894 INR 33,612 INR 44,388 INR 61,826
41 Kg INR 20,946 INR 30,600 INR 35,913 INR 45,473 INR 63,231
42 Kg INR 21,433 INR 31,306 INR 36,763 INR 46,558 INR 64,638
43 Kg INR 21,919 INR 32,014 INR 37,616 INR 47,642 INR 66,043
44 Kg INR 22,406 INR 32,720 INR 38,467 INR 48,727 INR 67,450
45 Kg INR 22,892 INR 33,293 INR 37,299 INR 48,931 INR 68,847
46 Kg INR 23,379 INR 33,956 INR 38,117 INR 49,996 INR 70,236
47 Kg INR 23,865 INR 34,621 INR 38,913 INR 51,061 INR 71,624
48 Kg INR 24,352 INR 35,284 INR 39,721 INR 52,126 INR 73,011
49 Kg INR 24,838 INR 35,947 INR 40,525 INR 53,191 INR 74,401
50 Kg INR 25,325 INR 36,610 INR 41,333 INR 54,256 INR 75,788
51 Kg INR 25,811 INR 37,273 INR 39,710 INR 55,321 INR 77,176
52 Kg INR 26,298 INR 37,938 INR 40,469 INR 56,386 INR 78,565
53 Kg INR 26,784 INR 38,601 INR 41,228 INR 57,452 INR 79,953
54 Kg INR 27,271 INR 39,264 INR 41,987 INR 58,517 INR 81,340
55 Kg INR 27,757 INR 39,927 INR 42,745 INR 59,582 INR 82,730
56 Kg INR 28,244 INR 40,593 INR 43,504 INR 60,647 INR 84,117
57 Kg INR 28,730 INR 41,256 INR 44,263 INR 61,712 INR 85,505
58 Kg INR 29,217 INR 41,919 INR 45,022 INR 62,777 INR 86,894
59 Kg INR 29,703 INR 42,582 INR 45,781 INR 63,842 INR 88,282
60 Kg INR 30,190 INR 43,245 INR 46,540 INR 64,907 INR 89,669
61 Kg INR 30,676 INR 43,910 INR 47,299 INR 65,973 INR 91,057
62 Kg INR 31,163 INR 44,573 INR 48,058 INR 67,038 INR 92,446
63 Kg INR 31,649 INR 45,236 INR 48,819 INR 68,103 INR 93,834
64 Kg INR 32,136 INR 45,899 INR 49,578 INR 69,168 INR 95,222
65 Kg INR 32,622 INR 46,562 INR 50,337 INR 70,233 INR 96,611
66 Kg INR 33,109 INR 47,227 INR 51,096 INR 71,298 INR 97,998
67 Kg INR 33,595 INR 47,890 INR 51,855 INR 72,363 INR 99,386
68 Kg INR 34,082 INR 48,553 INR 52,613 INR 73,428 INR 1,00,775
69 Kg INR 34,568 INR 49,216 INR 53,372 INR 74,494 INR 1,02,163
70 Kg INR 35,055 INR 49,882 INR 54,131 INR 75,559 INR 1,03,551
71 Kg + INR 456 Per Kg INR 678 Per Kg INR 706 Per Kg INR 989 Per Kg INR 1,414 Per Kg
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Most popular import items to United States

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Most popular export items from United States

Import duty & taxes when importing into the United States

Cheap parcel delivery to USA

Local Customs office and contacts when sending a courier to USA from India

More information on import declaration procedures and import restrictions can be found at U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


Courier Charges from other Metro cities in India to USA


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