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Minimal in territory, however not in imperativeness, Sudan lies inside basic compass of any individual longing to send a package to Sudan from India.

Remembering the final objective to investigate your way through an assembled business, notwithstanding, you require the aid of an association which means to give the best game plans to help you send a parcel to Sudan – Courier Force is the response to everything you need.

We have fabricated powerful meeting expectations relationship with the best and best-resourced overall courier associations, and put our colossal obtaining power accessible to you to enable you to find best rates for sending shipment to Sudan which just aren’t available by going specifically. You can then pick the courier benefit that is suitable to you and mastermind booking fundamentally and quickly on the web.

We at Courier Force have developed our business by serving a broad assortment of customers, from someone hoping to send a bundle to a relative or sidekick on the inverse side of the world, to associations which depend on upon standard and reliable refund courier Services to a span of finishes of the line on every landmass. We have a gathering of advisers accessible to answer any request you have and, if imperative, guide you through the strategy of arranging your bundle courier to Sudan, who have the sponsorship of our enormous capability assembled from being the best global courier Service supplier.

Once your committal has been accumulated, you can track its headway specifically through to its end on our site, and even get an informed certification of its shielded arriving. Delivery to Sudan is more straightforward than it has ever been – and you can find unequivocally how basic it is by entrusting your next parcel to Sudan with Courier Force.

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Courier to Sudan – Courier Charges from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Ahmadabad In India to Sudan

Prices below are door to door courier rates to Sudan from India. These charges are cheapest in India for sending courier to Sudan from India. This is by a courier company which is the best in industry for parcel services to Sudan. Again, Courier Force is one of the very few companies who have their own network for distributing parcel in Sudan. It will take anywhere between 3 and 6 working days to deliver your parcel to Sudan from India. We will be simply collecting the parcel from your business or residence in India and delivering it to your destination address in Sudan.

Weight (KG) Price
0.5 Kg INR 2,818
1 Kg INR 2,979
2 Kg INR 3,616
3 Kg INR 4,544
4 Kg INR 5,347
5 Kg INR 6,148
6 Kg INR 11,632
7 Kg INR 12,689
8 Kg INR 13,946
9 Kg INR 15,003
10 Kg INR 16,060
11 Kg INR 17,080
12 Kg INR 18,096
13 Kg INR 19,112
14 Kg INR 20,129
15 Kg INR 21,143
16 Kg INR 22,159
17 Kg INR 23,175
18 Kg INR 24,191
19 Kg INR 25,207
20 Kg INR 26,221
21 Kg INR 27,452
22 Kg INR 28,900
23 Kg INR 30,348
24 Kg INR 31,795
25 Kg INR 33,243
26 Kg INR 35,189
27 Kg INR 36,637
28 Kg INR 38,084
29 Kg INR 39,532
30 Kg INR 40,978
31 Kg INR 42,426
32 Kg INR 43,873
33 Kg INR 45,321
34 Kg INR 46,767
35 Kg INR 48,215
36 Kg INR 49,662
37 Kg INR 51,110
38 Kg INR 52,556
39 Kg INR 54,004
40 Kg INR 55,451
41 Kg INR 56,899
42 Kg INR 58,345
43 Kg INR 59,793
44 Kg INR 61,240
45 Kg INR 62,624
46 Kg INR 63,872
47 Kg INR 65,119
48 Kg INR 66,365
49 Kg INR 67,612
50 Kg INR 68,860
51 Kg INR 70,105
52 Kg INR 71,353
53 Kg INR 72,601
54 Kg INR 73,846
55 Kg INR 75,094
56 Kg INR 76,341
57 Kg INR 77,587
58 Kg INR 78,834
59 Kg INR 80,082
60 Kg INR 81,327
61 Kg INR 82,575
62 Kg INR 83,822
63 Kg INR 85,068
64 Kg INR 86,315
65 Kg INR 87,563
66 Kg INR 88,808
67 Kg INR 90,056
68 Kg INR 91,303
69 Kg INR 92,551
70 Kg INR 93,796
71 Kg + INR 1,228 Per Kg
Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Sudan) will be additional.
Please Note: For pickups from outside Mumbai- Free Pickup service is only till 70 kg.
For shipments weighting more than 70 kg Pickup charges will apply.

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