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The most populous country China is the second largest importers in the world. It is the largest export economy in the world. So business with china is always profitable.

Courier Force helps you to double your profit by providing you with the most cost efficient and customer friendly courier services. If you wish to send your parcels and or documents to china then rest assured you are at the right place. Courier force will do all the hard work to make the parcel delivery process easy and reliable for you.

Courier Force works with top level trusted courier companies to give you service that suits your budget. Delivering parcels was never as simple as made by Courier Force.

We provide you with a completely free door to door service where your parcel is collected from your preferred location at your preffered time and reaches the destined location at the time when you want it to reach.

Not only that but we also provide you with a completely free online tracking no. to trace your parcel. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that works for customer satisfaction.

Every customer of Courier Force is treated as its business partner and is given the best services.

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Courier to China – Courier Charges from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Ahmadabad In India to China

Prices on the top are door to door courier rate to China from Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad in India. These charges are cheapest in India for sending courier to China from India by means of a best in industry for parcel service. Again, Courier Force is one of the very few companies who have their own network for distributing parcel in China.  It will take anywhere between 3 and 6 working days to deliver your parcel to China from India. We will be simply collecting the parcel from your business or residence in India and delivering it to your destination address in China.

Weight (KG) Price
0.5 Kg INR 2,275
1 Kg INR 2,351
2 Kg INR 3,104
3 Kg INR 4,118
4 Kg INR 4,620
5 Kg INR 5,122
6 Kg INR 8,283
7 Kg INR 8,934
8 Kg INR 9,786
9 Kg INR 10,437
10 Kg INR 11,089
11 Kg INR 11,633
12 Kg INR 12,180
13 Kg INR 12,727
14 Kg INR 13,272
15 Kg INR 13,819
16 Kg INR 14,366
17 Kg INR 14,911
18 Kg INR 15,458
19 Kg INR 16,005
20 Kg INR 16,552
21 Kg INR 17,234
22 Kg INR 18,037
23 Kg INR 18,838
24 Kg INR 19,641
25 Kg INR 20,444
26 Kg INR 21,747
27 Kg INR 22,548
28 Kg INR 23,351
29 Kg INR 24,154
30 Kg INR 24,957
31 Kg INR 25,758
32 Kg INR 26,561
33 Kg INR 27,364
34 Kg INR 28,167
35 Kg INR 28,968
36 Kg INR 29,771
37 Kg INR 30,574
38 Kg INR 31,377
39 Kg INR 32,178
40 Kg INR 32,981
41 Kg INR 33,784
42 Kg INR 34,585
43 Kg INR 35,388
44 Kg INR 36,191
45 Kg INR 36,939
46 Kg INR 37,615
47 Kg INR 38,291
48 Kg INR 38,967
49 Kg INR 39,640
50 Kg INR 40,316
51 Kg INR 40,992
52 Kg INR 41,668
53 Kg INR 42,342
54 Kg INR 43,018
55 Kg INR 43,694
56 Kg INR 44,370
57 Kg INR 45,044
58 Kg INR 45,720
59 Kg INR 46,396
60 Kg INR 47,072
61 Kg INR 47,746
62 Kg INR 48,422
63 Kg INR 49,098
64 Kg INR 49,774
65 Kg INR 50,448
66 Kg INR 51,124
67 Kg INR 51,800
68 Kg INR 52,476
69 Kg INR 53,150
70 Kg INR 53,826
71 Kg + INR 594 Per Kg
Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in China) will be additional.
Please Note: For pickups from outside Mumbai- Free Pickup service is only till 70 kg.
For shipments weighting more than 70 kg Pickup charges will apply.

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courier charges from india to china

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courier charges from india to china

courier from india to china

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Packing Advise For China

Packaging Advice From Courierforce for China


Import duty & taxes when importing into China from India

courier services from china to india

Local Customs office and contacts in China

More information on import declaration procedures and import restrictions can be found at the Chinese Customs website.


Courier Charges from other Metro cities in India to China


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